The Role of an HR Consultant

April 18, 2019Blog No Comments

The duties of an HR Consultant are always changing but the goal each time remains the same, to advise companies on a wide range of issues that ultimately improve efficiency and employee engagement. As a consultant, I am called to different businesses for different reasons. Sometimes I am contracted for days, sometimes for longer consulting … Read More

Building Your Company’s Brand to Attract Talent

March 2, 2018Blog No Comments

Whether you are just starting out, going through a rebrand or evaluating the status of your current brand, understanding how to build and leverage your brand is key in today’s market. Especially when it comes to attracting qualified talent. Companies with a Positive Company Brand Attract Top Quality Candidates Your company’s reputation in the marketplace, … Read More

Expert Tips to Improve Communication with Employees

January 30, 2018Blog 2 Comments

Communication is king. In the workplace, communication is the process of exchanging information, both verbal and non-verbal within the organization. An organization may consist of employees from different cultures and backgrounds which can make effective communication harder to accomplish and more important than ever before. No matter the size of the organization, or the background … Read More

Holiday Survival Tips for the Boss

December 22, 2017Blog No Comments

The holidays can be tough for the leaders in business. The weight of responsibility can be magnified during the holiday season with increased demands professionally and personally. As Shakespeare wrote, “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” Though not adorned with actual crowns, leaders and entrepreneurs may over time, become uneasy under the weight … Read More

5 Tips for Planning the Office Holiday Party

November 10, 2017Blog No Comments

The holiday season is upon us! Planning the office holiday party can feel like a daunting task. If you get it right, the holiday party can become more than just an end-of-the-year celebration. A well planned holiday party is an opportunity to gather your employees for recreation, motivation, team building and recognition. Make your company … Read More

Are Your HR Processes Compliant?

September 22, 2017Blog No Comments

Lawsuits can ruin businesses. Whether your company has just a few or several thousand employees, it’s important for business owners to stay compliant with HR processes. What is the meaning of compliance in HR? Human resources compliance is a necessity for any business in today’s litigious environment. Between the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), OSHA, … Read More

Create a Great First Impression with a New Employee

August 14, 2017Blog No Comments

Clients talk to me every day about how hard it is to find and hold on to talented employees. I agree that it may be a challenge but it can be done! It’s the employer’s responsibility to have an onboarding program in place that will introduce new employees to the business, their work environment and … Read More