Whether you are just starting out, going through a rebrand or evaluating the status of your current brand, understanding how to build and leverage your brand is key in today’s market. Especially when it comes to attracting qualified talent.

Companies with a Positive Company Brand Attract Top Quality Candidates

Your company’s reputation in the marketplace, brand, and image can be a very powerful recruitment tool – especially as it relates to attracting skilled employees. A strong brand allows companies to be more competitive in the market by developing a reputation for attracting the best employees. Understanding how to build your company brand can be difficult as brands sometimes feel like an abstract thing.

How Do You Build Your Company’s Brand?

To better understand your brand and how to build it, study all aspects of your business. Determine who your clients are, what tone of voice you use in your dealings and what your tagline is. Take it even further by following the suggestions listed below.

Candidates will more likely be attracted to businesses that are respected and known in the industry for their success and professionalism. The following points will help you build your brand:

  • Develop a clear vision of how you want your company to be perceived and make sure management and employees share that vision. The big picture can be communicated through a company’s mission statement, advertising, marketing materials, and annual report.
  • Organized and consistent policies and procedures–these will help employees understand what they are supposed to do and how to do it.
  • Training and professional development–make sure your employees have the tools to do the job for today as well as the training to meet new challenges of tomorrow.
  • Maintaining standards for management conduct–if you want to create a caring, supportive environment, make sure your managers act as role models who reach out and support employees to exemplify this standard of conduct.
  • Structuring new employee orientation–make sure you have an organized new employee orientation program (onboarding). First impressions are vitally important to the long-term success of the new employee.
  • Adhering to non-discriminatory policies in recruitment and workplace practices.
  • Promoting “green” energy-saving practices, such as recycling and car-pooling.
  • Encouraging volunteerism among employees in local community projects.
  • Promoting health and wellness in the workplace through wellness programs, newsletters, healthy snacks, and walking at lunch.

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