Services to Help with Virtual Team Building

August 31, 2020Blog No Comments

Remote work is the new norm. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a great deal of confusion, and until things get worked out, much of the workforce will be forced to work at home from a computer. This represents a major challenge for human resources departments and managers. But there are new services popping up left … Read More

Tips for Leadership in Difficult Times

July 3, 2020Blog No Comments

Times are tough. Navigating through the Coronavirus pandemic, social unrest and coming up on an election that is bound to be explosive. It is not if people are stressed, its when the stress is going to show. As a business owner or manager, navigating through this time is even harder because you need to show … Read More

Manager’s Guide to Telecommuting

April 13, 2020Blog No Comments

The coronavirus is still on the upslope of the curve in the United States. Adding to the burden of the crisis, is a completely new way of working if you’re lucky to work at all. If you are one of the businesses who have figured out how to get your employees set up remotely, well … Read More

The Four Stages of a Startup

February 28, 2020Blog No Comments

Startup culture is taking the world by storm. Silicon Valley has served as an example of how to rapidly build and scale a company to success. But startups also have a reputation of being a challenging  place to work. Work can be hectic and frequently people must play several roles. Things change quickly and employees … Read More

The Importance of Protecting Your Employee’s Data

January 24, 2020Blog No Comments

It’s a digital world and with every stroke of the keyboard, data is being collected. It seems so easy, collecting data, sending online forms, emails and digital signatures. While the digital transfer of information makes our life easy, securing the data is not so and it’s very important for businesses to secure and protect their … Read More

Add a Touch of Kindness to Your HR Practices

January 2, 2020Blog No Comments

Companies are always looking for ways to improve worker engagement, but that requires a certain level of emotional intelligence. Here’s where the Human Resources department can help. Adding a touch of kindness to your HR practices can go a long way. Kindness is Contagious Kindness is contagious, according to well-documented research. When we see someone be … Read More

Open Enrollment Trends For 2020

November 5, 2019Blog No Comments

Open enrollment is just around the corner, is your human resources department be ready? Health, vision, dental, life insurance, short and long term disability and various soft benefits… all of these options are on the table. There are several new trends in open enrollment that HR departments should be keen on. It’s important that companies … Read More

Past Criminal Convictions and Hiring Policy Explained

October 17, 2019Blog No Comments

Last month a concerned client called the ZM Ventures office and asked: “We’ve hired an employee and he told us about a DUI conviction from 5 years ago. Will his background-check uncover this conviction, and will we have to let him go as a result?” There are limits to the circumstances in which employers can … Read More

Corporate Wellness Initiatives to Expand

May 24, 2019Blog 1 Comment

G2 Crowd predicts that in 2019, Corporate wellness initiatives will expand by 40% to provide financial and mental health solutions that boost the physical wellbeing of employees. The expansion couldn’t come at a better time as insurance and healthcare costs skyrocket and mental health is at the forefront of today’s market. A well-designed wellness program … Read More