Summer can be the hardest season to be productive at work. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, it’s hard to stay focused on tasks at hand because many of us would rather be dipping our toes in the sand, tending to our garden or attending activities with our loved ones.

The desire to have fun in the sun effects both bosses and employees but it’s up to the boss to help keep the team focused. If you’re noticing a lack of focus among employees during the summer months consider implementing the following ideas to help keep them motivated:

  1. Encourage your employees to step outside for at least 15 minutes each day. Exposure to natural sunlight can prevent workers from feeling confined to the office during the warm summer months. Holding business meetings outside may also help to boost workers’ morale.
  2. Change things up! Employees may become more motivated when their jobs are more challenging and interesting. Consider lateral moves to build workers’ skill levels and knowledge base.
  3. Create opportunities for casual interaction. A company sports team, a family day or an outdoor after-hours social event can keep employees engaged and interested in each other and in their workplace.
  4. Consider flexible working arrangements. Arrangements such as flextime or staggered work hours may allow employees to enjoy summer activities and attend to family obligations, while coming to work refreshed. It’s a good idea for employers to work with a knowledgeable employment law attorney when creating policies on flexible working arrangements, to ensure policies and practices are in compliance with the law.

In general, workplace flexibility and changes to daily routines will help keep employees focused. For more ideas or help on implementing some of these new strategies, contact Marie Zolezzi of ZM Ventures. Her HR expertise can help motivate your employees during any time of year.



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