Those that know me can attest that I am not a recruiter and in no way am I proficient in talent acquisition undertakings.  That said, I have the pleasure to often partner closely with recruiters, sourcers and all manner of talent acquisition professionals.  Lately I’ve noticed a tremendous shift in the way candidates learn of job openings, the methods used to screen candidates and how companies extend offers of employment.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the hiring process. Gone are the days of job boards and head hunters. In today’s world, everyone who is connected in the realm of social networks, such as LinkedIn, is fair game. When LinkedIn and online job applications first began to gain traction, they were seen as supplements to the traditional paper resume and in-person interview. Now, the world of recruiting has gone almost one hundred percent digital.

Mobile Application Process

Mobile has moved from a trendy convenience to what’s expected. It’s now mission critical to offer a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use application process. Today’s job seekers know their worth and they expect a fast, easy application process. If one employer takes too long to respond or over-complicates the application process the applicant will be on to the next opportunity. Businesses can combat this behavior by being better prepared by using recruitment marketing technologies including candidate job portals, employee onboarding and off-boarding portals and specialty tools that foster sourcing via job boards and employee referral networks. These integrated software platforms are more cost-effective and enable the collaborative hiring of top talent.


In today’s workforce, one must expect most, if not all candidate engagement and communication to be done through a mobile device. If your HR systems aren’t mobile-friendly, you run the risk of not reaching the vast majority of the most qualified candidates for your open positions. Implement mobile applications as soon as possible to better your chances of attracting the best talent.



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