Client Description

A San Francisco-based, public company with operating sites in several US geographies. The client is hugely profitable and customarily exceeded its annual business projections. It has not however taken time to review its investment in human capital. As such, its Board of Directors requests a review of the current leadership team as a first step to preparing a succession plan.

ZMV Deliverable

Prepare a comprehensive assessment of the client's organizational talent capabilities and actions required to effectively execute a succession plan.

Action Items

Organizational Assessment

  • Diagnose the organization’s human capital strengths and single points of failure
  • Develop an organizational action plan
  • Determine the support mechanisms needed
  • Coach the client through its change management efforts

Talent Review

  • Review the leadership talent and conduct a gap analysis
  • Develop action plans based on the gap analysis
  • Determine the steps the client must address in order to meet its leadership talent needs

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