They say an entrepreneur is twice as likely to succeed with a mentor in the first year of business and seventy percent more likely to succeed after five years. That being said, why not adapt the same ideology for employees? Having ongoing employee coaches is a workplace trend that is catching on and paying off.

Why Evolution Makes Sense

In the past, workplace coaches were third-party contractors who were brought in to fix specific performance issues. Working with a coach had a stigma. Imagine yourself as an employee who is ordered to work with a coach. You probably feel embarrassed because everyone is alerted to the fact that you have a performance issue. You are also fearful that your job is at risk. Fast forward to today. The new trend is to use on-site employee coaches. Employee coaching today is more targeted and is meant to complement other leadership development and retention programs.

On-Site Support

Because employee coaching today is more targeted, the implementation of it is internal. Coaches may be hired but also developed within the organization. This new model provides on-site support throughout the work week. The outcome is paying off big-time with employee retention and leadership roles, especially when it comes to millennials who expect ongoing feedback.

Case Study

The first case study of employee coaching was conducted in 2006. A great example is Google. Google has a plethora of internal coaches, including those who help new employees navigate the company culture and those that work with people managers to develop their teams. Google also has an executive development team that focuses on leadership coaching.

Someone to Lean On

There are few things in life that can double the chance of success, but having someone knowledgeable that an employee can turn to for advice is one of them. A coach is someone to lean on and can provide the following:

  • Find and Address Weaknesses in Employee Behavior and/or Processes
  • Expand Internal Networks by Connecting Employees to Each Other
  • Easily Overcome Challenges, Obstacles, and Complications Without Creating a Hostile Environment

Whether you are an entrepreneur who is just starting your business, an employee or a business owner with employees, realize that having someone to lean on is an invaluable tool that doubles the chance of your success and that of your business.

ZMV can help develop a culture of mentoring and coaching for you and for your company.


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